About The Company

Our Leadership team is typically hired from an internally growing talent pool across worldwide locations. Our management team has 10 years+ experience of in running successful call center operations and maintaining the highest level of technology.

We pick the best of the best; We know that the people on our team are vital for making your business a success.


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Our Mission
Bistro strives to provide a world-class call center experience and exclusive food aggregator mobile application at an affordable price to its clients. Being world-class means, providing exceptional call center services with highly skilled agents and unparalleled customer satisfaction.
Our Vision
Becoming the best customer support expert by being truly customer-oriented and speaking and innovating on behalf of our clients to deliver world-class call center services.


We enjoyed working with you all. The call center was critical in taking some of that stress out of the store!

Namon Khokar

Franchisee 3355